Confident and unconfident classification results

Define additional classification thresholds at the class-level to check whether the valid classification result of a document is confident or unconfident. The first evaluation step assigns a document to the classification result with highest confidence level and that meets the following criteria:

  • The confidence is higher than the defined minimum confidence.

  • The distance to the next alternative is higher than the defined minimum distance.

Then, the hierarchical evaluation rules, such as subtree classification and redirection, are applied. For the final classification result, a check is performed to determine if a valid classification result is confident or unconfident.

In Document Review, an unconfident classification result requires the confirmation by a user. In Project Builder, an unconfident classification result is displayed in yellow in the Classification Result pane, and a confident classification result is displayed in green. Valid classification results for classes without confident classification thresholds are displayed in green.

Use the class properties to define confident classification results at class-level or set the values for classes on the Classification Thresholds window.