A2iA FieldReader

A2iA FieldReader incorporates Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) technology, reducing spelling and character recognition errors. Instead of recognizing words character-by-character, IWR matches entire words and phrases against a user-defined dictionary.

Tip For the best results located your user-defined dictionary on a network share. This ensures that even if you move your project from one server to another, the dictionary is still accessible.

The A2iA Zone Locator using FieldReader recognition recognizes information in the following fields in different document types:

  • constrained fields as comb and box fields (machine print, capital letters).

  • unconstrained fields as free-form, cursive, and hand print.

  • handwritten fields in addresses as first and last name, street number, street, postal code, city, and country. FieldReader uses postal dictionaries (ex: USPS, Médiapost) for the recognition.

  • overwritten fields.