Shortcut keys

The following table lists the shortcut keys that can be used in Kofax Transformation Modules - Validation.

Table 1. Shortcut Keys for Validation
Shortcut Key Description
Ctrl + O Opens the Open Batch window in order to select a batch to be opened
Note The shortcut key takes only effect if you have started the Validation application to process batches, but not if a batch is selected from Kofax Capture Batch Manager.
Ctrl + L Closes a batch
Ctrl + S Suspends a batch
Ctrl + C Copy (when editing fields only)
Ctrl + X Cut (when editing fields only)
Ctrl + V Paste (when editing fields only)
Ctrl + Z Undo (when editing fields only)
Ctrl + Y Redo (when editing fields only)
Ctrl + F Navigates to the first document in the batch
Ctrl + Shift + F Navigates to the last document in the batch
Ctrl + P Navigates to the next document
Ctrl + G Navigates to a defined document
Ctrl + Shift + B Navigates to the previous page
Ctrl + B Navigates to the next page
Tab Navigates to the next field (the next field is selected according to the field order that is defined by the validation form) or table cell
Shift + Tab Navigates to the previous field or table cell
Ctrl + Shift + C Confirms the selected document
Ctrl + R Rejects a document and opens the Rejection Note window, which means that a document is flagged so it is sent to Kofax Capture Quality Control
Ctrl + U Unrejects a document, which removes the flag
Shift + F4 Displays the properties of the currently-selected page
F4 * Inserts for the selected field the value from the field of the previously-selected document
Enter * Validates the currently-selected field and shows the next invalid field or table cell
Del * Removes the currently-selected content of a field
Esc *

Turns auto completion off for the current field so that a user can edit the value selected from the drop-down list without losing the field's coordinates. For example, turn auto completion off when the selected list entry contains an OCR error you need to change, but the coordinates are correct and you want to keep them.

To update the value, select the entry from the list, press Esc and edit the field. The field's coordinates are still highlighted in the Document Viewer. If you change the field without pressing Esc the field coordinates are deleted and the highlighting is removed from the Document Viewer. To enable auto completion for the field again, you need to clear the field. If you now begin to type the drop-down list is displayed as soon as a corresponding number of hits is found.

Note Auto completion is available only for simple fields that have a "Textbox" display style.

* This shortcut key works only if the focus is set to a field or table cell.