Problem reporting

Problem reporting is a purely manual way of flagging a document that has problems with its extraction or classification results. This optimizes projects for classification and simple field or table field extraction. Similar to Extraction Online Learning, the user marks documents in Validation that have a problem. The marked documents are then copied to the Problems document subset in the New Samples document set and can be used to optimize the project in a separate step.

A project administrator loads the documents manually in Project Builder and performs the necessary steps to improve document classification or field extraction. If necessary, the administrator synchronizes and publishes the optimized project to prepare for the production process.

When a Validation user reports that a document has a problem, the Problem Reporting window is displayed. The Validation user provides information about the problem with the document and how it would benefit the project. To help your users, create a preconfigured a list of problem comments on the Advanced Online Learning Options window. You can restrict the Validation user to using only preconfigured problem comments or allow them to write their own.

Manage the list of preconfigured problem comments as follows: