Vendor name and ID recognition

Another benefit of layout recognition, especially inside the Invoice Group Locator, is that you can also use it for vendor detection. Typically, an invoice layout is specific to a vendor. This corresponds to a vendor name and a vendor ID in your project. By recognizing an invoice layout, the associated vendor name and ID are recognized as well. For a small percentage of the document volume, you might have multiple vendors using the same invoice layout. In that case, the Database Locator or other extraction methods should handle vendor recognition. Vendor recognition based on the Invoice Group Locator is fully integrated into Extraction Online Learning. Therefore, Validation users mark documents with manually corrected field values for vendor name and vendor ID for extraction online learning.

Similar to generic knowledge bases and specific training, combine the Database Locator and the Invoice Group Locator recognize both vendor fields. Use the Standard Evaluator to evaluate and return on the best result.