Field inheritance

Classes can be structured hierarchically. Fields and field properties are inherited from parent classes by child classes. Inherited folder fields can only be changed in the folder class where they were defined.

The field that is inherited from the parent class remains grayed out to indicate that the name cannot be changed. Only the names of fields that are not inherited can be changed.

If a field is inherited, any local changes you make to that inherited field are not updated automatically to the other locations of that inherited field. This is because you may not want to propagate your changes to any inherited fields. As a result, you can use the field shortcut menu to select all inherited fields so that you can make similar changes to the inherited fields in bulk.

Figure 1. Inherited Fields Example
An image that shows field inheritance
Note If you overwrite an inherited locator locally in a child class, make sure that the local locator has the same subfields as the locator in the parent class. Otherwise, an inherited assignment to a field might not be resolved. This can lead to an extraction error.

For example, there is an Advanced Zone Locator defined in a parent class that creates two subfields S_A and S_B. They are assigned to the fields F_A and F_B, respectively. The parent class has a child class that contains a locator that is locally overwritten with a format locator called “FormatLoc.” The format locator is assigned to Field F_B. If you extract a document that is classified as the child class, you see an error because Field F_A inherits a locator assignment (to S_B). But locally, the format locator no longer provides this subfield.