Add a fuzzy database lookup to a validation form

Fuzzy database lookups enable you to configure a fuzzy database to be used with a database button on a validation form. Validation users can click this button for use during validation.

Important Fuzzy database searches return more matches when more search criteria are provided. This is different from traditional database searches, when adding an addition search criterion refines the search further. Please ensure that your validation users are aware of this if you use a fuzzy database with a lookup button.

A fuzzy database has different properties, and as a result, has slightly different behavior than other lookup types.

You can add a fuzzy database lookup to your validation form by following these steps:

  1. Open the Project Tree window if it is not already open.
  2. In the Project Tree, select the class that requires a lookup button on its validation form.
  3. Right-click on the class and select Customize Validation Form from the shortcut menu.

    If there are multiple steps of validation, you are prompted to select an individual step.

    The Validation Form Layout window is displayed.

  4. On the Validation Form Layout window toolbar, click Add Database Lookup Button Database Lookup Button icon.

    The database lookup details are displayed in the properties pane to the right of the image.

  5. Optionally, increase the width of the properties pane. Hover over the space between the properties pane and the document pane until the mouse changes, and then drag the mouse to the left as far as required.
    Note Any changes you make here to the window layout are saved. The next time you open the validation form, the same layout is displayed.

    The properties pane is larger so that you can see all of the options available.

  6. Expand the Database Lookup property.

    The Data Source Type and several other options become visible.

  7. In the Data Source Type list, select Fuzzy Database.

    The Data Source list is displayed with the databases configured for the project.

  8. In the Data Source list, select the desired fuzzy database.
  9. Map the validation form fields for the database lookup.
  10. Optionally, enable Instant Search by selecting True from its list.

    For the best results, set this option to True for small databases only. If this option is used for larger databases, performance problems may occur.

  11. Optionally, type a Minimum Search Characters value to restrict when a search can be performed.
    If Instant Search is enabled, it is not performed until this value is reached. If the user tries a manual search by pressing the Search button, they are informed if they have not met the minimum number of characters required for a search.
  12. Type a maximum number of results to be returned in the Search Results window.
  13. Type a Dialog Caption title.

    This text is displayed as the title of the lookup results window in Validation. For example, "Search Results."

  14. Optionally, type a List Caption label.

    This text is displayed inside the lookup results window above the list of results. For example, "Select one of the following records."

  15. Optionally, change the shortcut key by selecting an option in the Shortcut list.
  16. Edit the button text in the Text field to change the button label.

    This text appears on the validation form button. For example, "Search."

  17. When you are finished, on the Windows menu, click Close.

    The Validation Form Layout window is closed and your changes are saved.