Manage document sets

A document set is a container that can hold multiple document subsets. These document subsets can then be used to configure, test, train, and optimize your project.

Document sets are created and maintained in the Documents window and most document sets contains at least two document subsets. There are several different ways that a document set and its subsets can be used and different views that enable you to perform different operations.

For existing projects created in a Project Builder version earlier than 6.3.0, all training sets are converted to the new document set format. Existing hierarchies are converted and represented as a document set with multiple document subsets.

For new projects, several empty documents sets are preconfigured and created automatically. In addition to these preconfigured document sets, you can add custom document sets to your project.

Note For the best results, ensure that the documents used in any document set are located on an NTFS file system. A FAT 32 file system has a restriction on the number of files allowed, and exceeding this number could result in the loss of documents and data. For more information, see

You can manage your document sets in the following ways: