Database tab - Line Item Matching Locator Properties window

This tab enables you to select the database that contains the purchase order data and apply the settings for database mapping.

Database and Definition Mapping

This group has the following options:

Purchase order database

Select a database from the list or add a database from the project settings by clicking Databases. You can configure the purchase order database, but for a database search you can use an existing relational database only. The value for this option is set to <none>by default.

Define purchase order database columns

This table lists the purchase order database mappings. To retrieve data from the purchase order database, you need to define the type of content for the database fields.

The listed definitions for Purchase Order Number, Quantity, Unit Price, Total Price, Description, Purchase Order Item Number, Vendor ID, Article Code, and Supplier Article Code need to be mapped to a corresponding database columns. This mapping step is essential for Line Item Matching Locator performance.

When testing the locator, extraction results available from the invoice are displayed for these columns.

Map table model columns to purchase order database

The "Table Model Columns" list displays the names of all columns defined within the selected table model, except the columns listed above in the "Define purchase order database columns". You can map these additional columns to columns from the purchase order database, that are not necessarily printed on the invoice. For example, a BudgetCode field can be mapped even though it does not are displayed on the document. Data that is present on the document can be used to determine the BudgetCode field listed in the database.

If you want to check whether the entry of a purchase order database column is the same as the content of the corresponding column printed on the invoice, you can define an additional custom column in the table model. For example, you can check the result from Description that is extracted from the invoice, against the result of PODescription, that is a database entry.

When testing the locator, the results retrieved from the database are displayed for these columns.

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.