Edit Configuration Sets window

Use this window to add, edit, and delete configuration sets for a project.

The list at the top of the window lists the default configuration set and any configuration sets you have created. To change the name of a configuration set, click Rename. To change the description of a configuration set, click the Description field and enter a value.

The list at the bottom of the window shows the properties of the configuration set selected at the top. To change a value of a property, click the field and enter a new value. To clear a value and reset it to the default, click Clear. The Clear button is not available with the default configuration set.

Note If properties have not been set for a project, the list does not appear.

The following configuration sets cannot be changed:

  • The default configuration set cannot be renamed or deleted.

  • The active configuration set cannot be renamed.

Important If you edit the default configuration set, the corresponding settings in any configuration sets that inherit the default values may be overwritten. If you do edit the default configuration set ensure that any dependent configuration sets are still consistent.

This window has the following buttons:


Creates a new configuration set. A row is added to the list of configuration sets where you add the name and optionally a description of the set.

A name is required, and it must be unique and follow Windows file naming rules. If the field is blank, the name has already been used, or it includes invalid characters (such as colons or slashes), the row is outlined in red and a message indicates the error. The Add button is disabled until the error is corrected.


Renames the selected configuration set.


Deletes the selected configuration set.

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.