A2iA Zone Locator

A2iA Zone Locator icon The A2iA Zone Locator can locate, extract, and recognize printed, hand written, and cursive data located in consistent positions across all documents in a class. Cursive data includes signatures and other joined up writing. This locator is configured and uses zones similar to the Advanced Zone Locator.

The different types of documents that can be processed with this locator method are bank checks, bank deposit slips, contracts, and any other documents that have hand written content that is not easily recognized by other recognition engines.

Important The A2iA Zone Locator described in this section is part of the Kofax Transformation Modules installation, but is not installed by default. In order to use this locator, you must select the Check and Cursive Recognition and the Cursive Page Recognition Add-Ons when you install Kofax Transformation Modules. Alternatively, you can add them at a later time using the original installer files. If the A2iA Zone Locator is not available in the list of locator methods, this means that the necessary Add-Ons are not installed.

In addition, this locator and its recognition engines require a separate license to run in production.

This locator utilizes the following recognition engines to recognize difficult characters like words written in cursive hand writing:

Note The A2iA Zone Locator does not support Unicode characters for fields. For example, this means that Japanese and Chinese characters are not supported in the project path and for the A2iA field names.

To manage your A2iA Zone Locator:

Tip Although you can click tabs in any order, add the necessary settings on the General tab before proceeding to any of the other tabs.

The A2iA Zone Locator Properties contains the following tabs: