JPEG image files

When a document is photographed, each page can be saved as a JPEG image file. For example, you can use a smart phone to photograph a document, check, or invoice. These JPEG files can then be used in Project Builder for testing.

Project Builder supports the following JPEG (.jpg) formats only:

JPEG 8-bit, grayscale
Standard and progressive encoding.
JPEG 24-bit, RGB

Standard and progressive encoding.

The following JPEG formats are not supported:

  • JPEG 32-bit, CMYK

  • Old-JPEG / JPEG (old style)

  • JPEG2000

  • JPEG-LS (lossless)

JPEG image files in their original format are not supported by Kofax Capture. This does not mean that you cannot use JPEG files in production, it just means that any JPEG files need to be converted to a supported format. When you load a JPEG file into the Kofax Capture Scan module, the JPEG file is automatically converted to a TIFF file and processed like any other document in Kofax Capture.