Project validation

You can check a project for inconsistencies or missing configurations by selecting Validate Project from the File menu. If any problems occur the Warnings window is displayed.

In general two different types of warnings are shown:

  • Upgrade Warnings

  • Misc. Warnings

The upgrade warnings indicate that the project should be changed manually. For example if the "old" project uses an obsolete table locator, it should be corrected by the user to conform to the new settings for the current table locator.

Malfunctions or missing definitions are displayed in the miscellaneous warnings area. For example, if a locator uses a dictionary, but the dictionary is not available.

Validating a project occurs when you test a project for problems or check the use of licensed features.

The use of features in production depends on the Kofax Transformation Modules license you have purchased. At any time you can acquire additional licenses such as the A2iA Zone Locator.

Use the Kofax Capture License Utility to activate additional license features with a hardware key or software license.