Validation tab - Project Settings window

Use the Validation tab to manage validation methods and further settings for multiple Validation steps in the project.

Validation Methods

This group lists any defined validation methods that can be used within validation rules.

Use the following buttons to manage the validation methods in your project:


Click Add to insert a new validation method. The New Validation Method window opens.


Click Delete to remove the currently selected validation method from the project.


Click Rename to change the name of the currently selected validation method.


Click Properties to modify the properties for the currently selected validation method.

Validation Settings

This group has the following options:

Number of module validation steps

Select the number of times this project is processed by the Validation module. The number of validation steps determine how your project is processed and configured. The value for this option is set to 1 by default.

First validation step used for validating folders

Define the first Validation step where folder fields are validated. Folder fields that correspond to document fields cannot be validated for a validation step if the corresponding document fields are not displayed on a validation form yet and may have an invalid field state. This option is not available when the default number of validation steps is used. If more than one validation step is set, this option becomes available. The value for this option is set to 1 by default.

Show class list in Validation

Select this option to show the class list for the Classification result pane in the Validation module that enables changing the classification result for a displayed document. This option is selected by default.

Automatically extract empty tables in Validation

Select this option to enable automatic extraction of empty tables in Validation. This option is selected by default. If you need to navigate between documents during Validation, and want to avoid re-populated line items, it is usually helpful to clear this option.

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.