Section 508 compliance in Thin Client Validation

In order to comply with Section 508 of the US Government Rehabilitation Act Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities, Thin Client Validation has an accessibility mode that presents an alternative batch selection window for use with assistive technologies such as screen readers.

To use the accessibility mode, go to http://<server>:<port>/<virtualdirectory>/ValidationLogin.aspx?accessibilitymode=true.

To use the accessibility mode with Validation step 2, go to http://<server>:<port>/<virtualdirectory>/ValidationLogin.aspx?accessibilitymode=true&step=2.

Important Section 508 compliance is only supported on Internet Explorer 8.
Tip When using accessibility mode, the best practice is to enable the "Open next batch" and the "Include suspended batches" options. This minimizes the need for the user to manually open a batch.