Classification Locator

Classification Locator icon The Classification Locator uses the classification scheme defined in a secondary external Kofax Transformation project. This project provides additional classification results for a document in the form of locator alternatives. Only the classification scheme is used from the external project.

Use the Classification Locator to add information to a document that can be obtained by using additional classification steps. Since the additional classification steps are normally independent of the main classification in the main project, an externally defined and trained project is used. The Classification Locator gives access to multi-view classification that sees the document from different aspects and multi-topic classification that returns more than one classification result for a document or a line of text.

Use cases for the Classification Locator include the following:

Language (simple use case)

If you receive multi-language correspondence, design a project that classifies documents according to their language. A sample project for this case is provided with Kofax Transformation Modules and can be found in the Samples directory. The results of the locator are then the name of the class returned from the language project, for example, German or Danish.

Product groups (advanced use case)

Since the Classification Locator can be configured to work line-by-line, you can set up a project that classifies line items in an order. The class name is the name of a product group, for example, furniture, paper products, and office supplies. Train the project with all of the products from your product database in advance, assigning the products to the correct product group class in the training set. Save the project and assign it to a Classification Locator in the current project. The Classification Locator assigns the name of the product group class from the other project to a field. Based on that information, it is possible to assign additional accounting information to the order to accelerate order processing.

Important You cannot adjust classification results using scripting because the Classification Locator does not support script execution. The Classification Locator only classifies, and does not extract documents.

Manage your Classification Locator in the following ways:

To configure a Classification Locator, add it to the selected class. Add a document set for this class before modifying the locator properties. A Classification Locator can then be configured by opening the properties.

The Classification Locator Properties window has the following tabs: