Settings tab - Standard Evaluator Properties window

The Standard Evaluator compares the results of several locators to determine the best result.


This group has a list of Available Locators that contains all of the locators or evaluators available in your project. There is also a list of Selected Locators. You can use the arrow buttons to add and remove locators or evaluators to the Selected Locators list. You can also use the up and down arrows to reorder this list.


This group has the following option:

Evaluation type

Select one of the following evaluation types:

  • Select Best Of if you want to return the most confident alternatives across all locators. This is the default value for this option.

  • Select First Of if you want to return a list of alternatives from a single locator that are above the specified confidence threshold.

Evaluation Settings

This group has the following options:

Maximum number of alternatives

Type or select a number to limit the number of alternatives returned by the Standard Evaluator, to produce a more manageable amount of data. This is generally used when only the first few results are important. The value for this option is set to 2 by default.

The alternatives are first ordered according to the "Best of" or "First of" evaluation. This list is then shortened to the number of alternatives you specify using the Maximum number of alternatives option.

Important If the highest alternatives all have equal confidence, this limit may prevent important data from being considered for the field result. The best practice is that you specify a limit of at least 2 so that the field is aware of any conflict between similar confidence alternatives.
Ignore empty alternatives

Select this option if you want to ignore empty alternatives so they are not possible results for this evaluator. This option is cleared by default.

Minimum confidence

Specify the number of rows by typing a number or using the arrow keys. This option is only available when the "First of" Evaluation type is selected. The value for this option is set to 80 by default.

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.