Project tab

Use the Project tab on the Ribbon to manage project-specific functions.

Table 1. Options available in the File group
Option Name and Description

New Project icon

New Project

Opens the New Project window so that you can create a new project.

Open Project icon

Open Project

Enables you to browse to and open an existing project.

Save Project icon

Save Project

Saves all changes made to the open project.

Save Project As icon

Save Project As

Opens the Save Project As window so that you can save the project with a different name and location.

Save As Protected Project

Click Save As Protected Project saves a copy of a project so that it is protected. This means that all training documents that are currently included in the project are encrypted and are no longer visible to any users.

This option is available for non-protected projects only.

Unprotect Project icon

Unprotect Project

Click to decrypt the training documents so that the project is no longer protected and the training documents are no longer hidden from users.

This option is available for protected projects only.

Close Project icon

Close Project

Closes the current project and automatically saves any changes you made to the project.

Table 2. Options available in the Configurationgroup
Option Name and Description

Project Settings icon

Project Settings

Opens the Project Settings window so you can configure global settings for your project

Validate Project icon

Validate Project

Reviews the project and displays any project configuration errors so you can correct them.

License Utility icon

License Utility

Opens the License Utility window and checks whether the features used within the project are fully licensed.

Script Resources icon

Script Resources

Opens the Script Resources window so you can configure resources and their associated strings to be used in scripts. You can also translate these strings if your project is localized.

Script Variables icon

Script Variables

Opens the Script Variables window so you can configure variables and their associated values to be used in scripts. You can also translate these values if your project is localized.

Table 3. Options available in the Configuration Setsgroup
Option Name and Description

Edit Configuration Sets

Opens the Edit Configuration Sets window so you can add, edit, and delete configuration sets for your project.



Select the configuration set for the project. You are prompted to reload the project so that the change takes effect.