Modify a zone for an A2iA Zone Locator

If the extraction of a zone for an A2iA Zone Locator is not performing as expected, you can make changes to it to improve your results by following these steps:

  1. Open the locator properties.
  2. Click the Zones tab.
  3. Select the zone to be modified.
  4. Click in the field you want to change:
    • To rename a zone, click the Name field and type a new name.

      Alternatively, click Rename. The Name field is selected, and you can type a new name.

    • To select the page that contains the zone, click Page.

    • To enable or disable background removal for a zone, make sure FieldReader is selected as the A2iA Reader and select the option from the Background Removal field.

  5. Click Close to close the locator properties window.
  6. Save the changes to your project.