Instructions Details

A list of read-only instructions is displayed here with the following information:


This column displays the phrases for each instructions added for the selected class. If an instruction contains more than one phrase, each phrase is listed.

Search Exact

The value of the Search exact option is shown here. This value is applied to all phrases for the corresponding instruction.

Tip If you have one phrase in a group of similar phrases that you want found exactly as entered, consider separating it into its own instruction. Otherwise you have to search exact for all phrases in the instruction or none.

This value is used to determine the overall classification confidence. If multiple phrases are used in one instruction, all need to be located. The higher the relevance value, the more confident a classification result is if the phrase is found.

Once an instruction is added, you can modify or delete it if it is no longer necessary. You can also import instructions or export your existing class instructions for use in another class or project.