Restructure a batch

Batch Restructuring enables you to configure how a batch is organized using scripts in modules that support scripting.

You can restructure a batch using script events to organize folders, move documents, and rearrange pages within a batch automatically, saving time as these tasks are not performed manually by a user.

In some Kofax Transformation Modules solutions, the batch queue order has Server followed by one or more interactive modules. In this scenario, Server classifies and extracts all of the documents in the batch, before it is processed further.

In another Kofax Transformation Modules solution, the batch queue order has two instances of Server. The first instance performs classification and document separation and is likely followed by Document Review so that users can manually review classification and batch structure. The next module is the second instance of Server that performs extraction based on the new classification and batch structure. Other interactive modules follow to finish processing the batch.

Important PDF documents do not support batch restructuring scripts that physically change a document. This means that you cannot delete or rotate pages, split a PDF document, or merge two PDF documents using scripting. If a script attempts to physically change a PDF document, a message is displayed to explain that batch restructuring is not supported for PDF documents. The batch is then sent to Kofax Capture Quality Control for further processing.