Manage field groups

Field groups enable you to group simple fields and table fields into groups that can help you organize your project.

For example, field groups can be helpful for organization if you use a single class to extract customer information. You can separate the fields into groups for address details, customer names, and any other customer information such as unique identifiers or account details. This means that your Project Tree is less cluttered because you can collapse all field groups and concentrate on a smaller group of fields at a time.

All fields must be added to a field group, so if no field group is present, one is created automatically. The field group is given a default name that can be changed at any time. The name of a field group must be unique in a class and any of its child classes because the field group is inherited.

Child classes inherit field groups just like all other elements of a class.

You can manage field groups in the following ways:

  • Add a field group

  • Rename a field group

  • Delete a field group

  • Rearrange the order of field groups in a class

  • Reorder fields within a field group

  • Move fields between field groups