Delete an evaluation step

If you are unsure whether an evaluation step is going to be needed in the future, temporarily disable it by clearing the Use check box to the left of the step. The evaluation step is not performed, but remains for re-selection as needed.

If you no longer need an evaluation step, rather than disabling it, the best practice is to remove it by following these steps:.

  1. Open the locator properties.
  2. Click the Evaluation Settings tab.

    The Evaluations Settings tab is displayed.

  3. Select the vertical subfield tab that contains the step to remove.

    A list of evaluation steps is displayed for the selected subfield.

  4. Select the evaluation step to delete and click Delete Delete Subfield button.
  5. When prompted to confirm the deletion, click OK.

    The evaluation step is removed from the list.

  6. Repeat the previous steps until you remove all of the unneeded steps.
  7. Open a test document and click Test to test your settings.
  8. Optionally, click Close to close the locator properties window.
  9. Save the changes to your project.