folder Fields

When foldering is enabled, an additional step is performed after extraction to populate the folder fields. Folder fields may be filled with a value retrieved from Kofax Capture. A folder field can be populated with the scanned document type, with a default value, or by assigning a value by script. For example, the folder field value can be the name of a company that is retrieved from the documents.

In contrast to a class field, the settings for a folder field can only be changed at the definition level and not at the child folder level. This means that you cannot define special extraction methods at the child folder level for this folder field. You also cannot define different folder fields settings for the parent and child classes. For example, you cannot set the folder field as visible in validation for the parent folder, but not for the child folder. For the indexing of a folder field in Kofax Transformation Modules - Validation, this means, if you change the value of a folder field, the value changes for all parent folders up to the parent folder where the folder field was defined.