OCR Voting Evaluator

OCR Voting Evaluator icon The OCR Voting Evaluator compares the results of an Advanced Zone Locator.

Zonal OCR in fixed zones on a document is accomplished with the Advanced Zone Locator. This locator reads the contents of a zone character-by-character. Very often the information on the form is difficult to read and can result in errors or rejects during recognition.

Since the Advanced Zone Locator returns recognition results by character, each with confidences and alternatives, results can be compared at this level of detail. Voting is not possible for the results of other locators.

You need only one OCR Voting Evaluator for your project. Within the same evaluator, you can vote on several different fields extracted from one or more Advanced Zones Locator and assign different confidence values to each pair of compared fields.

A common way to improve recognition results is to use more than one recognition engine, or the same recognition engine with different settings. The results of the two engines are then compared by a voting step. The results of each engine are compared character-by-character and the best result is used for the final field content.

Manage on OCR Voting Evaluator by assigning input locators and output subfields.

The OCR Voting Evaluator provides an advanced testing mode.

The OCR Voting Evaluator Properties window contains the following tabs: