Validation form field types

When designing a validation form, it is helpful to know the types of fields you can add, and how they can be configured to best suit your needs. If you have a document that contains a lot of individual pieces of information about a customer, and you want some of this information validated, it is best to present each piece of valuable information in its own field. You can choose any of these field types:

Text field

A field that usually contains a single piece of information, such as a customer number or a date.

You can configure this field to fit the data, so if the input is a 3 digits, you can resize the field to fit the input.


This turns a field into a single checkbox. This type of field is commonly used for questions that have a simple yes or no answer.

For fields such as Gender or Title, an individual checkbox field is needed for each of the separate options, each with its own label and MiniViewer.


This field type in its most basic form is a list, and the values displayed in the list are completely configurable.

Using the combobox field type is more efficient than individual checkbox fields if there is a long list of options. This field can also be configured to allow the validation user to type free content, or it can be restricted to a selection from the list.

Additional field options are available for these field types.