Rename a custom subfield

If at any time, you need to modify the name of a subfield for an Advanced Evaluator, you can change its name by following these steps:

  1. Open the locator properties.
  2. On the Subfields tab, select the subfield to rename. You can select a subfield from either the Available Subfields list or the Evaluator Subfields list.
  3. Click Rename Rename Custom Subfield button.
    Note You cannot rename predefined subfields. If you select a predefined subfield, an error message is displayed.
  4. Enter a new subfield name and click OK.
    Note Follow the naming conventions for valid subfield names. For example, do not use a period (.) as part of the subfield name.

    The subfield name is updated in the list of subfields.

  5. Optionally, configure the Evaluation Settings.
  6. Open a test document and click Test to test your settings.
  7. Optionally, click Close to close the locator properties window.
  8. Save the changes to your project.