Advanced tab - Text Content Locator Properties window

Use this tab to configure training for online learning. The following options are available:

Collect online documents for training

Select this option if you want sample documents to be used to train this locator. This option is selected by default.

Tip If you already have around 500 training documents, clear this option for the best results. The performance of your project with more than 500 training documents may not improve extraction results, but it does increase the time it takes to train your project. The negligible increase in extraction results is overshadowed by the negative impact of the training time required.
Maximum number of training documents

Type a value or use the arrows to select the maximum number of training documents that are collected for this locator. The value for this option is set to500 by default.

For the best results, do not increase this number unless you are able to dedicate a lot of time to training your project regularly.

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.