Use Project Builder

Project Builder enables you set up, store, and test projects that contain all the necessary information for processing documents.

In Kofax Transformation Modules there are four main aspects to setting up a project: document separation, classification, extraction, and validation.

You can define projects that contain only classification, with no extraction or validation. It is however, mandatory for a project that contains validation to also have classification and extraction configured. This is because classification is important to ensure that the extraction is carried out on the correct documents, and extraction results are needed before validation is possible.

In addition to the four main aspects of setting up a project, you can also configure:

Project Settings

This group of features enable you to configure global settings that can be used throughout your project.

Language and Country-Specific Settings

Besides the translated Kofax Transformation Modules graphical user interfaces. For example, you can customize a project in order to provide translated validation and verification forms, error message and country-specific settings for extraction methods by configuring language and country-specific settings.

Project Properties

These settings enable you to rename your project and apply protection settings so the project cannot be modified or copied accidentally.


This augments and in many cases, replaces manual steps during processing so a batch is easier to process.

User Interactive Modules

After data is extracted from your documents, you may want that data to be corrected before validation, and then verified after validation. These extra steps ensure that the final data is reviewed several times before it is finally accepted and saved.

Integration with Kofax Capture

Before data is processed by Kofax Transformation Modules, it first needs to be scanned into documents. Also, after processing, a workflow needs to be in place to finalize processing once all needed data is extracted and validated.