Parent represents competing children

Classification Parent Represents Competing Child Result icon This classification rule helps to resolve conflicts when two or more children of the same parent have a classification confidence higher than the global threshold and are closer than the required minimum distance. Instead of leaving the document unclassified, the parent class is used, meaning the parent can represent the children.

Note If a classification rule is applied to a document, a special icon is displayed next to the document in the Classification Results window. A tooltip for the icon explains the applicable rule.

The following example shows an example for this rule. The difference in the classification results for the child classes franklin_paris (62.2 %) and franlin_london (52.9%) is lower than the required minimum distance of 10.0%. franklin is the nearest common parent, and becomes the classification result because it is given the highest confidence of all the children.

Tip If you do not want this behavior in your project, clear the Valid classification result option in the Class Properties for the franklin class. Clearing that option means that franklin is not a valid classification result option and the document is unclassified.

An image that shows an example of a parent class that represents competing children.