Location and file name of error log files

You can find the error log files in a subdirectory of the Log folder.

Default location: C:\Users\Public\ReadSoft\INVOICES\Log

Otherwise as specified by the LogFile setting in Eilocal.ini.

A new subdirectory is created the first time an error occurs on any day. The subdirectory name is EHLog-mm-dd-yyyy, where mm = month, dd = day, and yyyy = year.

The error log file name is the same as the folder it is in, with the addition of -HHMMSShh, where HH = hour, MM = minute, SS = second, and hh = hundredths of a second.

Example of an error log file name and path:

C:\Program Files\ReadSoft\INVOICES\Log\EHLog-5-31-2009\EHLog-5-31-2009-12043634.log