The Table field profile dialog

Use this dialog when adding a table field profile.

Name Specify a suitable name for the table field.
Type LineItemTable: A normal line item table.

VATTable: A table that handles tax rates. (See also Multiple tax rate handling.)

BankAccountTable: A table that handles bank accounts, bank codes and IBAN numbers.

Note Your selection is important. The three types of tables are quite different from each other and work differently:
Inactive Turns off the interpretation of the table field.
Table owner Supplier related table: Saves the table values in the invoice definition. Then, when an invoice is interpreted using a learned invoice definition, the values are taken from the invoice definition rather than the invoice.

Order related table: Always interprets the table values from the invoice.

Table owner can only be changed if BankAccountTable is selected.

Note Problems will occur if you add a line item field to an Kofax ReadSoft Invoices profile using the name of a single item field that was deleted previously. To avoid this, be sure to always differentiate names given to single item and line item fields when adding them to Kofax ReadSoft Invoices profiles. For example, always start the names of line item fields with LI_. Then, if you had a single item field called VATrate that was deleted previously and add a line item field called LI_VATrate, the problems will not occur.”