Use JobScheduler to run Interpret or Transfer jobs

Configure JobSheduler

  1. Select Plugins > Configure JobScheduler:
    • in Interpret to automate Interpret jobs.
    • in Transfer to automate Transfer jobs.
  2. In the JobScheduler settings dialog, configure the settings.
  3. Use the Add and Remove buttons to list the jobs that you want to run using JobScheduler.

    The jobs in the Job descriptions list will be run, one after the other, in the order that they appear in the list. Each job runs until there are no more invoices to interpret, or transfer, then the next job will run.

  4. Adjust the Active between setting. Jobs will only start between the hours specified here.
    Assume you have three jobs in the Job descriptions list, and the Active between times are from 12:00 to 13:00. Job one starts automatically at 12:00 and takes 15 minutes to run. Job two starts after job one and takes more than 45 minutes to run. When job two is complete, it is after 13:00. Since it is outside of the Active between time, job three will not start automatically.
  5. Optional: Adjust the remaining settings to suit your requirements.
  6. Click OK to save the settings and close the dialog.

How to start JobScheduler

Using Interpret or Transfer, select Plugins > Start JobScheduler. The JobScheduler dialog is displayed, showing you when the next job will start.

How to stop JobScheduler

Click Cancel in the JobScheduler dialog, or select Plugins > Stop JobScheduler.