Buyer identification

Buyer identification provides another way to sort invoices using the inbox. Buyer identification can also help Kofax ReadSoft Invoices connect an invoice to correct invoice profile if supplier identification fails. It does this by using the country code from the buyer registry if the buyer is successfully identified.

In order to identify invoices by buyer, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices' database must contain buyer information. Make sure the master data contains buyer fields that can be found on the invoice. Also check that the country code field contains the correct country information.

Regardless of whether an invoice is connected to an invoice definition, Interpret tries to connect the invoice to a buyer using the buyers in the master data. Interpret searches the invoice and uses the buyer fields to match a specific buyer. By default, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices uses the following master data fields to match an invoice to a buyer:

  • Name 1 (Name1)
  • Name 2 (Name2)
  • Name supplement 1 (NameSupplement1)
  • Name supplement 2 (NameSupplement2)
  • Tax registration number (VATRegistrationNumber)

Optional: You can add more fields to improve buyer identification.

If more than one buyer matches all of these criteria, the following fields are used in an attempt to get a correct match:

  • PO box (PObox)
  • Street (Street)
  • Street supplement (StreetSupplement)
  • Postal code (PostalCode)
  • City (City)