The Color conversion dialog

To access this dialog: Using Optimize, select View > Image > Color image conversion.

Use these settings when adjusting how Kofax ReadSoft Invoices converts grayscale to black and white:

Automatic Lets Kofax ReadSoft Invoices adjust the color conversion settings for you. (Values shown for Enhance background, Enhance foreground, and Remove noise have no effect.)
Ignore black border Enabled when Automatic is selected. Ignores any black borders around the edge of the invoice image.
Enhance background Enhances the background value. Values above the given value are set as background values.
Enhance foreground  Enhances the foreground value. Values above the given value are set as foreground values.
Remove noise Removes noise from the image. This setting only affects values between the Enhance background value and the Enhance foreground value. It is normally set to between 15 and 45. The lower the setting, the more detail that is preserved.
Default Returns the color conversion settings to the default values.