Insert system variables into a transaction description

You can insert many system variables into the transaction description by clicking Default in the Transaction description dialog when you work in an invoice profile.

You can also insert system variables by selecting them in the Available fields box and clicking the arrow.

The formats shown in the list of system variables are maximum formats. You can specify a shorter format or a variable format, for example X(1-6) instead of X(11) for #Profile if none of your invoice profiles have names longer than 6 characters. (If a name exceeds 6 characters, it is truncated.) You may want to adjust the Length accordingly.

A few system variables—those used only in start and stop transactions—are preceded by the "¤" character.

With the exception of date variables, you cannot edit or assign a default value to system variables. That means that you must not type anything in the Expression box in the transaction field for a system variable.