Supplier field

When Supplier field is selected on a single item field, the field value found in the learning invoice (or in the invoice definition learned in Optimize) is saved in the invoice definition. All invoices associated with this invoice definition will have this value assigned to that field.

This makes the value for that field static, though it can be changed in Verify.

You use this setting when:

  • A field value is always the same for a particular supplier
  • You need a field value that does not appear on the invoice

Currency fields and bank account fields contain this setting by default.


If one of your suppliers always has the same tax rate, you can select Supplier field for the tax field. This ensures that the same value is always used for the tax field, and it increases the interpretation rate for invoices from that supplier.

What happens in Interpret

Interpret still searches for the field in the position where it was learned.

  • If the field is found, the field status is green/Complete.
  • If the field is not found, the field status is yellow.

Regardless of whether the field was found or not, the value is always set to the static value specified in the invoice definition.

Tip By using the No interpretation setting in combination with Supplier field, the field will always be set to Complete in Verify, regardless of whether it was found or not, or whether it has validation errors. See Setting Supplier fields to Complete automatically.