Delay the transfer of invoices to allow time for corrections

Invoice data is normally transferred directly after processing is completed, but you can allow a specified amount of time to pass after processing to make time to rectify mistakes before invoice data is transferred

  1. Open the job description for which you want to delay the transfer of invoice data after processing. The job can only be used to transfer invoices with Approved status.
  2. Click Transfer in the navigation pane to open the Transfer job general settings.
  3. Select Transfer invoices older than, and specify the number of minutes you want to delay the transfer of invoice data. If the setting is not available, Approved status is not the only status selected on the Status pane of the job description dialog.
  4. Click OK.

If 10 minutes is specified according to the description above, for example, invoice data is transferred ten minutes after invoices achieve Approved status. Note that if Use batch mode is selected in the General settings for the Transfer job, batches are not transferred until all of the invoices they contain have had Approved status for at least the time specified.

Note If wait mode is enabled in the Transfer job, selecting this option disables it.