The Job description dialog: Pages settings

To access this dialog:

  1. Create or open a Scan job description.
  2. Click Pages.

These settings determine the treatment of multi-page invoices and invoices with appendices.

Multi-page invoices or invoices with appendices Enables the processing of invoices with multiple pages or appendices.

If you have a scanner that supports two-sided scanning, you can also specify whether you want both sides of the invoice to be scanned.

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Back image of first page Scan the back of only the first page of an invoice.

In order to enable this setting or Back image of all pages and appendices, you must have a scanner that supports two-sided scanning specified in a scanner description. This scanner description must also be selected in the General settings of the Scan job.

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Back image of all pages and appendices Scan the back of every page.
Document separation method:
Blank page Select Blank page if you use blank sheets of paper to separate your multi-page invoices. Note the following when using this option for scanning:
  • Blank pages are deleted and not counted as invoice pages.
  • Two-sided scanning - if the front page is blank, the entire page is deleted even if something is printed on the backside.
  • Two-sided scanning - if the backside is blank, the content of the front page is treated as an invoice page, and the back page is deleted.
Barcode Select Barcode and select the barcode type if all of your invoices have a barcode on the front page and you want to use the barcode to separate your multi-page invoices. When you use this option, do not insert blank sheets of paper between the invoices.