The Invoice definitions dialog

To access this dialog:

  • Using Manager: Right-click the invoice profile and select the Invoice definitions
  • Using Optimize: Double-click an invoice profile.

Use this dialog to list and search for invoice definitions for a selected invoice profile. The dialog displays statistical information for each invoice definition:

Note The name of this dialog is hidden if the dialog is docked (as it is by default).

You can:

  • Filter the list to include only certain invoice definitions (see below).
  • Sort the list. Click a column header to sort the invoice definitions in ascending or descending order. Each time you click, the order changes.
  • Hide columns that are not needed.
  • Select one or more invoice definitions to optimize (Optimize only).
  • Match suppliers from invoice definitions to those in the master data (Optimize only).
  • Import or export invoice definitions (Manager only).
  • Print invoice definitions.
  • Delete invoice definitions.
  • See which invoice definitions were saved to Optmize: Those have 99 in the Optimize column instead of 0.

Tip: By deleting the name of the invoice profile above the Invoice profile heading, you can view the invoice definitions from all invoice profiles.

Search options

A separate column is available for each search option. You can hide columns that are not needed to avoid having to scroll back and forth.

Filter the list

You can specify which invoice definitions you want to see in the list. See instructions and examples.

Created and Changed buttons  Select one of these buttons to list invoice definitions created or changed on certain dates.
The Created or drop-down list (it changes depending on what you selected above. Whether to look for invoice definitions that were created or changed on, before, or after a date you specify, or between two dates you specify.
The two YYYYMMDD date specification. The dates to look for.
Premade selections Predefined criteria that you can select. For example, select Poor identification rate if you only want to see definitions with an identification rate less than 50%.
Boxes above the column headings Type in the boxes to specify the invoice definitions you want to include in the list.
  • Enter text to find all entries that start with it.

    Example: Type Read above a column.

    Results: Reading, ReadSoft, etc.

  • Enclose text in * or % to find all entries that contain it. Note that you must use two symbols. One asterisk or percent symbol will not give the desired results.

    Example: Type *Read* or %Read% above a column.

    Results: Reading, ReadSoft, Bread, etc.

  • Enclose text in quotation marks (") to find exact matches.

    Example: Type "Read" above a column.

    Result: Read and nothing else.

You can filter more than one column at a time.