The Suppliers dialog when mapping fields in XML invoices

To access this dialog:

  1. Using the Optimize module, double-click the XML invoice profile that the XML invoice definition you want to optimize belongs to.
  2. Double-click the invoice definition for the XML invoice that you want to optimize.
  3. Select the Fields tab in the right pane.
  4. Expand the Suppliers section.
  5. Click Show suppliers
Note For an XML invoice to be found in Optimize, the job in ReadSoft Collector must be configured to automatically save invoices from new suppliers to Optimize directly, OR you must select Invoice > Save to Optimize during verification.

Use this dialog while mapping supplier fields to view a list of suppliers that are specified in the system. This is especially helpful when using master data.

If included in the master data, this information may be included for each supplier.

Column/information Description
Supplier ID ID associated with the supplier
Supplier number Number associated with the supplier
Location The supplier's location
Corporate group ID The corporate group ID to which the supplier belongs
Name 1 The first name associated with the supplier
Name 2 The second name associated with the supplier.
Description A description of the supplier
Country coded The country code for the supplier
Blocked Indicates if the supplier is blocked
VAT registration number The VAT registration number associated with the supplier.
Tax number 1 The first tax number associated with the supplier
Tax number 2 The second tax number associated with the supplier
PO Box The supplier's PO Box
Street The street where the supplier is located
Street supplement Additional information on the street where the supplier is located
Postal code The supplier's postal code
City The city where the supplier is located
State The state where the supplier is located
Country name The country where the supplier is located
Telephone number The supplier's contact telephone number
Fax number The supplier's fax number
Payment terms The supplier's terms of payment
Displayed suppliers The number of suppliers that are listed in the dialog
Email address The supplier's email address