How Scan counts pages in a batch

Scan counts all front pages except separator pages, when scanning a batch. Each sheet you put in the scanner, except for separator pages, counts as one page. The invoice count is updated when the scanner scans the front page of each sheet in the batch. Back pages are not counted. The total number of pages scanned or the invoices count is displayed on the Scan screen once the scanner encounters the last invoice of the batch.

Note The StartInvoiceCounterAfterScanningFirstPage flag must be enabled for Scan to update the invoice count simultaneously while scanning the batch of invoices. For more information, see Enable invoice counter flag.

If this flag is not enabled, the invoice count is updated only after all the invoices in the batch are scanned.

Kind of page How Scan counts
Single-page invoice 1 page
Multi-page invoice All front pages counted
Invoice with appendix All front pages counted
Two-sided scanning Does not affect the count
Separator page Does not affect the count.