Scanner settings: Paper size and orientation

Select the size and orientation of the invoice in the Paper box in the Scanner settings dialog.

The minimum and maximum paper sizes for your scanner are displayed in the dialog. If you choose a size that is outside the range of your scanner, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices displays an error message when you try to close the dialog.

Sometimes users want to feed invoices with A4 portrait orientation into the scanner sideways, because this can (but does not always) save scanning time. In this case, select A4 rather than A4L ( L = landscape). That is, even if the page is fed into the scanner sideways, select the paper size that corresponds to how it is to appear on the screen. Then, select the appropriate rotation.

The European standard paper sizes A3, A3L, A4, A4L, A5 and B5, as well as the American standards letter and legal, are predefined and cannot be changed.

You can select a paper size that is larger than the actual invoices. However, do not select a paper size that is smaller, because information on the edges of the invoice could be lost.

Custom paper sizes

You can define your own custom sizes, if you wish. Select an asterisk (*) as paper size and type a new name, width and height. Measurements are specified either in millimeters (default) or in inches, depending on the Papersize setting in Eiglobal.ini. The new paper size is then displayed in the dialog with the predefined ones.

Important Make sure that the custom sizes you specify here are within the Min. size and Max. size limitations of your scanner as displayed in the Scan paper sizes section of the Scanner settings dialog or Scan will not function when you try to use them.

Important notes regarding custom paper size

  • For those using European paper sizes, please note that many invoices are slightly larger than A4 format. Since the bank account number is often at the bottom of the invoice, it can be cut off the image if you select A4 as your paper size. In these cases, we recommend that you create and use a custom paper size somewhat larger than A4.
  • When you determine the dimensions of a custom paper size, add about 1 cm (or 1/2") to the length and width of the actual invoices. This increases the likelihood that Kofax ReadSoft Invoices will find all of the fields on invoices with a field close to an edge.
  • A user-defined paper size can be edited freely, but great care must be taken. Changes you make to a paper size already in use affect all invoice definitions using it, which is not allowed. Kofax ReadSoft Invoices has no automatic control of this; you must make sure that changes to paper sizes are valid.