Choose which statuses to transfer

Selecting the status of invoices to be transferred is part of creating or editing a Transfer job description. However, in most cases the default settings are appropriate.

  1. Create or open a Transfer job description.
  2. Click Status to view the Status settings.
  3. Specify which invoices are to be processed, based on their invoice status or batch status (depending on whether Use batch mode is selected in the General settings for the Transfer job). Only invoices or batches with the selected statuses are transferred.
  4. Optional (normally used only during testing): For each status, specify that the invoices are to retain their status in the database even after they are transferred.
  5. Optional (recommended): For each status, specify that the invoices are to be deleted from the Kofax ReadSoft Invoices database after transfer.
  6. Optional: For each status, specify that the invoice image files are to be moved after transfer.

    The content and format of the transferred data depends on the transaction description.