The Edit columns dialog

To access this dialog:

  1. Using Manager, select Settings > Inbox configuration to display the Inbox configuration dialog.
  2. Click Edit columns.

Use this dialog when you define what columns to display in the invoice list in an inbox.

This is an optional part of creating (or adjusting) an inbox.

Add Adds a column to the list via the Edit column dialog.
Edit Edits an existing column via the Edit column dialog.
Remove Removes a column from the list.
Move up Moves the selected item higher in the list.
Move down Moves the selected item lower in the list.

Columns for these data types can be added to the invoice list:

  • BatchID
  • BatchName
  • BatchNumber
  • Description
  • Endorser
  • FileName
  • Locked by
  • ParkedTime
  • ProfileName
  • QueueName
  • ScanTime
  • Status
  • Supplier
  • SupplierNumber
  • User remark
  • UserDefinedVariable