The Properties dialog

To access this dialog: Click the Properties button in the Transaction description dialog.

Use this dialog to view or edit the settings of a transaction field. This is part of specifying the format of the output data.

By default:

  • Numeric fields are right justified, and each value is padded with leading zeros.
  • Alphabetic fields (and alphanumeric "X" fields) are left justified and padded with trailing spaces.
Invoice profile Displays the invoice profile that uses the current transaction description.
Occurrence (This setting is not used.)
Field name Specifies the name of the system variable. You can also create your own variable by typing a name.
Index Not used (always 0).
Format Specifies the format of the transaction field.
Justification Specifies the justification of the transaction field.
Pad character Specifies the pad character to use to fill out a field if the field value is less than the length specified in the Length setting below.

You can specify any character here.

The Compact setting overrides this setting, but you can also override the Compact setting with the Pad always setting below.

Pad always When selected, this setting overrides the Compact setting.
Length Displays the maximum number of characters allowed in the transaction field.

This value is controlled by the Format setting. To change this value:

  1. Adjust the Format setting.
  2. Close the Transaction description dialog, saving your changes.
  3. Open the transaction description and the Properties dialog again to see that the Length value is updated.
Expression Defines expressions for: