Create and edit field types

To create new field types, and change the name and description of existing ones:

  1. Using Manager, select Administration > List field types . The Field types dialog is displayed.
  2. Right-click a field type and select either New or Open. The Field type dialog is displayed.
  3. Enter the various details for the field type.
  4. Click OK to save.
  5. Add/change the field type (see "Adding your own field type to a country profile" topic in INI file help) in the [FieldType] section in the Eiglobalextra.ini file (see INI file help for more information). It is here that you specify the settings for the field type.

Now your new or edited field type is available and can be associated with field profiles (both single item field profiles and line item field profiles).

In addition, you can also export and import field types between Kofax ReadSoft Invoices installations.