The AutoValue configuration dialog

To access this dialog: Using Manager, select Plugins > AutoValue configuration.

Note AutoValue works only with a SQL Server database. It does not work with an Oracle database.

Use these settings to adjust general settings for the AutoValue add-on.

Profiles Displays a list all of the invoice profiles in the Kofax ReadSoft Invoices system.

Expand an invoice profile and select a field profile to display its AutoValue settings.

None The default setting. No value is inserted.
Current date Inserts the current date in place of the selected field.
Another field Inserts the value from another field which you select. Both fields must be in the invoice profile you are working with. You cannot select line item fields.
Text Inserts the specified text. Optional: Insert a macro in this box to retrieve Kofax ReadSoft Invoices-specific information.
Database Inserts a value from a database.
Apply to
All jobs Applies the settings to all jobs associated with the invoice profile.
Selected jobs Applies the settings to the jobs you select in the Select job descriptions dialog.
Field options
Only insert value when the current field value is empty Only inserts a value when the current field value is empty.
Always set field status to Complete Sets the selected field's status to Complete after interpretation.