The Learning dialog

To access this dialog: Start an Optimize session.

This dialog is displayed when you optimize invoice definitions. It displays information about the current invoice definition. Use this dialog to adjust supplier information and to select the fields you want to adjust using the Field learning dialog.

Note The name of this dialog is hidden if the dialog is docked (as it is by default).
Supplier Specifies the supplier.
Description Specifies the description.
Supplier number Displays the Suppliers dialog.
Corporate group ID Displays the value found for the corporate group ID in master data if used.
Location Displays the value found in master data for the location of the corporate group, if used.
Definition ID Displays the identification number for the associated invoice definition.
Approve Confirms changes you make to the invoice definition.
Close Closes the current invoice definition.
Skip Skips the current invoice definition when in an optimize session.
Settings Displays the Invoice definition dialog.
Data objects Lists the fields that are defined in the invoice profile. For each field, you can see its:

Click a field to display its settings in the Field learning dialog.

Status Displays the invoice definition status.
Type Either XML (for XML invoices) or Paper (for all non-XML invoices, for example scanned or imported images).