The XML Mapper: Line Items Editor tab

Use this tab to map line items with the correct corresponding line item values in the XML invoice. The columns listed below cannot be changed (though they can be removed from view). However, you can use them for other information. You just need to remember what you are using the column for.

XML node selection List of all nodes in the XML invoice. What is selected here determines what is available in the XmlNodes list below.
Select button Selects the XML node that is highlighted in XML node selection list.
XML nodes List of XML nodes that are available to map to in the section selected in XML node selection above.
Column heading in line item table in invoice image Kofax ReadSoft Invoices line item field name Description
Row id LIT_RowIdentifier The row number for the line item in the invoice.
Description LIT_ArticleName The name of the article purchased.
Identifier LIT_ArticleIdentifier Any specific text used to identify the article.
Quantity LIT_DeliveredQuantiy How many articles were purchased.
Unit of measure LIT_DeliveredQuantityUnitCode How many items are included with each unit (piece, dozen, and so on).
Order no LIT_OrderNumber The order number for the article (if any).
Unit price LIT_UnitPriceAmount The cost of each unit purchased.
Amount excluding Tax LIT_VatExcludedAmount The total cost for all units not including the VAT amount.
Tax % LIT_VatRate The tax rate used.

This dialog contains other views/settings.